Updated on 2024/01/06


Ikari Asana


  • Doctor of Engineerig   Coursework ( 2023.3   Fukui University of Technology )

Research Areas

  • Life Science / Nutrition science and health science


  • Kanazawa University   Graduated

    2008.4 - 2012.9

  • Jinai Women's College   Graduated

    2014.4 - 2016.3

  • Jin-ai University   Graduated

    2016.4 - 2018.3

Research History

  • Fukui University of Technology

    2021.4 - 2023.3

Qualification acquired

  • Administrative Dietitian



  • Investigation of questionnaire items to evaluate potential abnormal eating behaviors in female athletes: Based on a study of female athletes with subjective awareness of abnormal eating behaviors. Reviewed

    Asana Ikari, Hiroki Sugiura, Kazuo Fujisawa

    Journal of Food and Nutrition Research   10 ( 10 )   727 - 734   2022.11

  • Relationship between logical ability and tactical understanding in women’s soccer. Reviewed

    Yuki Samejima, Hiroki Sugiura, Asana Ikari, Shigehisa Otsuki

    American Journal of Applied Psychology   10 ( 1 )   1 - 6   2022.1

     More details

    This study aims to examine the factors related to understanding the coach’s tactical strategies from the perspective of logical ability. We evaluated players’ level of understanding regarding the coach’s tactics through video tasks. The students were then classified into high-, middle-, and low rank groups in depending on their scores. The low rank group exhibited low levels for “speed of judgment on the flow of the game” and “willingness to share ideas with teammates,” suggesting that these aspects significantly influence tactical understanding.

  • Relationships of the performance in a walking test on an unstable walkway with various motor abilities and fall experiences in active elderly people. Reviewed

    Hiroki Sugiura, Takanori Noguchi, Tomohisa Yokoya, Asana Ikari, Yuki Samejima, Ginpei Yamamoto, Bayanduuren Boldbaatar, Miei Sugita

    Gazzetta Medica Italiana   180 ( 9 )   435 - 440   2021.9

  • Levels of awareness among school teachers regarding female athletes and nutritional science. Reviewed

    Asana Ikari, Hiroki Sugiura, Yuki Samehima, Kei Sokura

    World Journal of Nutrition and Health   9 ( 1 )   1 - 6   2021.8