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Ogawa Takashi


  • Master of Design and Architecture   Coursework ( 2006.3   Nagoya City University )

  • Ph. D.   Coursework ( 2009.9   Osaka University )

Research Interests

  • Product Design,

  • UI/UX design

  • Smart city

Research Areas

  • Humanities & Social Sciences / Design

  • Informatics / Human interface and interaction

  • Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering) / Design engineering


  • Kanazawa University   Faculty of Engineering   Graduated

    2000.4 - 2004.3

  • Nagoya City University   Graduate School of Design and Architecture   Master's Course   Completed

    2004.4 - 2006.3

  • Osaka University   Graduate School of Engineering   Doctor's Course   Completed

    2006.4 - 2009.9

Research History

  • FreeBit Co., Ltd.

    2009.10 - 2021.4

  • JTOWER Inc.

    2021.5 - 2023.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Department of Design, Faculty of Enviromental Studies   Associate Professor


Professional Memberships

  • Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering (JSMBE)


  • Japanese Society for the Science of Design (JSSD)


Qualification acquired

  • Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination

  • Land Special Radio Engineer (1-3 class)

  • Aviation Special Radio Engineer



  • Study of Development Design on Vein Injection Support Equipment that uses Prototyping in Design Methods Reviewed

    Takashi Ogawa, Toshikatsu Hunayama, Ichiroh Kanaya, Kazuo Kawasaki

    Journal of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery   10 ( 4 )   521 - 528   2008.12

     More details

    The malpractice is a social issue. In this research, to propose the equipment that supported the medical treatment person's vein injection by showing the position of the injection, the design process was applied. The concept of the equipment became clear by the concept design sketch. Next, an infrared sensor and a printer device was selected by using the design sketch. A 45 mm in the radius arc shape was decided from the analysis of the shape of the equipment and the relation of the patient- system relation by prototyping. As a result of the an ergonomic analysis on the equipment operation, we could decide its shape inclining about 30 mm of the rear side of the equipment by 15 deg. It is thought that the maintenance of the quality of medical care can be achieved with vein injection support equipment. In addition, the application development of the equipment can be expected of management and the medical education of the medicine with the proposed equipment. On the other hand, it is thought that it leads to the presentation of an appropriate solution when medical equipment is developed by executing the design that considers the form.

  • Research on Design Development of New Prefilled Syringe Reviewed

    Takashi Ogawa, Noshige Ogawa, Ichiro Kanaya, Kazuo Kawasaki

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering   46 ( 4 )   458 - 464   2008.8

     More details

    Improvement of the quality of medical care is strongly required. Decreasing malpractice in medical treatment is quite important theme. Especially in the developing countries, numbers of people have been in the danger of accidental injection or sharing of needle, due to the poor design of conventional syringes. Proposing a new design of the syringe must be very important for better quality of medical care in such developing countries. By applying design methodology, the authors have experienced aware some breakthrough and achieved a novel design of the new syringe, that was safer than conventional syringes, and could be manufactured in lower costs than conventional ones. In concrete, the authors conceived of the idea of a novel syringe whose main material is paper sheet. The authors actualized safety mechanism by folding paper base, packaging design for prevention of reuse and a graphic design for easy-to-understand usage. In this paper, the author presents the design of this novel syringe, as well as the design process of the syringe.


  • Human interface and medicine design International conference

    Takashi Ogawa, Toshikatsu Hunayama, Ichiro Kanaya, Kazuo Kawasaki

    International Association of Societies of Design Research, IASDR   2009.10 

  • Medical Design and Design Awards International conference

    Takashi Ogawa, Toshikatsu Hunayama, Ichiro Kanaya, Kazuo Kawasaki

    International Conference of Design History and Design Studies, ICDHS   2008.10 


  • Exemode Camcorder DV5057Z




  • Good Design Award

    2008.10   Japan Institute of Design Promotion   Communication Vocal Code Interface Robot Vo-Cal

    Kawasaki Progressive Inclusive Design Office, Osaka Univ. + Asada Synergistic Intelligence Project, ERATO, JST + Asada-Hosoda Lab, Adaptive Machine Systems, Graduate School of Eng., Osaka Univ.


Teaching Experience

  • Advanced lecture of Product design

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology