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Haruyoshi Ida


  • Doctor (Engineering)   Thesis ( 2008.2   Fukui University of Technology )

Research Interests

  • Combustion

  • Energy utilization

  • Environmental loading reduction

  • Heat engine

Research Areas

  • Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering) / Thermal engineering

Research History

  • Fukui University of Technology   Lecturer

    2009.4 - 2014.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Lecturer

    2012.4 - 2014.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Associate Professor

    2014.4 - 2017.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Professor


Qualification acquired

  • First Class Car Mechanic



  • Effects of Fuel Injection Pressure on Exhaust Gas Characteristics of Engines Using BDF

    Haruyoshi IDA and Kurata MIYASHITA

    ( 51 )   1 - 6   2021.9

     More details

    Bio diesel fuel (BDF) used in diesel engines has a higher oxygen content than gas oil. In previous studies, performance tests using BDF in small diesel engines showed that that increased PM emissions are suppressed under conditions of reduced oxygen concentration. Elsewhere, the kinematic viscosity of BDF is higher than that of gas oil, which is considered to be disadvantageous for rendering the fuel spray finer. This study compared the effects on thermal efficiency and exhaust gas of changing the fuel injection pressure, which affects finer fuel spray, in a diesel engine using gas oil and BDF. The study found that the difference in operating characteristics depending on the fuel used is reduced when the fuel injection pressure is increased to 200 MPa. However, at lower fuel injection pressures, the exhaust gas component deterioration is suppressed when using BDF.


Teaching Experience

  • Automobile Engineering Experiment Ⅳ

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology

  • Automobile Maintenance Training Ⅰ

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology

  • Automobile Maintenance Training Ⅱ

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology

  • Research for Graduation

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology