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Kazushige Nakao


  • Doctor(Engineering)   Coursework ( 2006.3   Osaka University )

Research Interests

  • Power electronics

  • Thermal engineering

Research Areas

  • Manufacturing Technology (Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering) / Electron device and electronic equipment


  • Osaka Prefecture University   Graduated

    - 1976.3

  • Osaka University   Doctor's Course   Completed

    - 2006.3

  • Kobe University   Master's Course   Completed

    2007.4 - 2008.9

Research History

  • Mitsubishi Electric Cooperation   Chief Researcher

    1978.4 - 2010.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Professor

    2010.4 - 2015.3

  • Fukui University of Technology   Professor


  • Fukui University of Technology   Professor


  • Fukui University of Technology   Professor


Professional Memberships

  • Japan Society of Mechanical Engineering

  • Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

    2010.5 - 2011.5



  • Heat Transfer Characteristics of Induction Heating Mixing Impeller Reviewed

    Takehara Hirofumi,Hirata Yushi,Ohmura Naoto,Kimura Noriyuki,Nakao Nobuichi,Nakao Kazushige

    16th European Conference on Mixing(Mixing 16)   2018.9

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  • Middle Frequency Solid State Transformer for HVDC Transmission from Offshore Windfarm Reviewed

    Noriyuki Kimura,Toshimitsu Morizane,Isao Iyoda,Kazushige Nakao,Tomoki Yokoyama

    IPEC 2019ECCE ASIA   2914 - 2920   2018.5

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  • Verification of Identification Accuracy of Loss Calculated by Inverse Thermal Analysis Invited Reviewed

    Yuki Ikari, Kazushige Nakao

    IPEC 2018 ECCE ASIA   148 - 152   2018.5

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  • Solid State Transformer Investigation for HVDC Transmission from Offshore Windfarm Reviewed

    Noriyuki Kimura, Toshimitsu Morizane, Isao Iyoda, Kazushige Nakao, Tomoki Yokoyama

    2017 IEEE 6th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA)   2017.11

  • Efficient Heating of Mixer by Induction Heating of Mixing Blade and Energy Reviewed

    Hiroki Ishida, Kazushige Nakao, Noriyuki Kimura

    2017 IEEE 6th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA)   2017.11

  • Application and Verification of an Electromagnetic Field Resonance Type Wireless Power Transfer Method to Mixing Blade Heated by Induction Heating Reviewed

    Kazushige Nakao, Hiroki Ishida, Noriyuki Kimura

    2017 19th International Conference on Electrical Drives and Power Electronics (EDPE)   2017.10

  • Feasibility Study on Simultaneous Induction Heating of Agitating Impeller and Container of Mixer Reviewed

    Keisuke Kintsu, Takaaki Shimizu, Noriyuki Kimura, Toshimitsu Morizane,Hideki Omori,Hiroki Ishida,Kazushige Nakao

    2017 3rd IFEEC & ECCE ASIA   2017.7

  • Water Transport in a PEMFC based on the Difference in Capillary Pressure between the Cathode Cataiyst Layer and Microporous Layer

    Enju Nishiyama,Massaya Hara,Toshiaki Murahashi,Kazushige Nakao

    ASME,Jounal of Fuel Cell Science and Technology   2015.10

  • Influence of Fin Parameter and Winding Pattern on Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics of a Vertical Absorber with Spirally Wound Fir-Finned Tube Reviewed

    32 ( 6 )   484 - 493   2006.9

  • Heat transfer Characteristics through the Vertical Falling Liquid Film on a Spirally Wound Fir-finned Tube Used for a Falling-Film Type Absorber Reviewed

    32 ( 3 )   262 - 268   2006.6

  • Characteritic Analysis of LiBr-H2O Vertically Falling Liquid Film Absorber with Fir-finned Tube Based on a Model of One-Dimensional Finite Numerical Simulation Reviewed

    32 ( 3 )   253 - 261   2006.6

  • Analogy-Based Evaluation of Heat and Mass Transfer Characteristics in a Falling Liquid Film along a Vertical Absorber with Spirally Wound Fir-finned Tube Reviewed

    32 ( 1 )   48 - 58   2006.3

  • Flow Characteristics of a Vertical Falling Film Flow on a Strip-finned Tube for Absorber Reviewed

    31 ( 3 )   168 - 176   2005.7

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  • Loss Analysis and Temperature Measurement of Middle Frequency Transformer Applied for Solid State Transformer International conference

    Noriyuki kimura, Kazushige Nakao, Toshimitsu Morizane

    the 8th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA) 2019 

  • Simultaneous Induction Heating of SUS Vessel and Impeller of Agitator International conference

    Takaaki Shimizu, Keisuke Kintsu, Noriyuki Kimura, Toshimitsu Morizane , Hideki Omori

    2016 IEEE 2nd Annual Southern Power Electronics Conference (SPEC)  IEEE

  • 水エネルギーの有効利用


    日本水道協会中部地方支部総会 講演会  日本水道協会中部地方支部

  • 農業を巡る最新技術ー環境・エネルギーと調和した農業活性化について考える


    福井市環境推進会議主催シンポジウム  福井市

Industrial property rights

  • 監視用湿度計測システムおよび監視用湿度計測方法


  • Induction heating mixing device


  • 誘導加熱装置および被加熱体


  • 誘導加熱装置、これを用いた温風発生装置および手乾燥装置



  • Technical Achievement Award of the Heat Transfer Society



Teaching Experience

  • Power Electronics

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology

  • Research for Graduation

    Institution:Fukui University of Technology