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Tanigaki Koichi



Academic Societies 【 display / non-display

  • Information Processing Society of Japan

  • The Association of Natural Language Processing

  • The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence


Original Papers(peer-reviewed) 【 display / non-display

  • Probabilistic dialogue act extraction for concept based multilingual translation systems

    In Proceedings of the International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, vol.6 (p.2771 - 2774), 1998

    Toshiaki Fukada, Detlef Koll, Alex Waibel, Kouichi Tanigaki

  • Discourse Tagging: Corpora and Computer Support for Tagging. Probabilistic Dialogue Act Extraction for Concept Based Multilingual Translation Systems

    人工知能学会論文誌, vol.14 (2) (p.243 - 250), 1999

    Toshiaki Fukada, Detlef Koll, Alex Waibel, Koichi Tanigaki

  • Robust speech understanding based on word graph interface

    In ESCA international workshop on interactive dialogue in multi-modal systems (IDS 99), vol.6 (p.45 - 48), 1999

    Koichi Tanigaki, Yoshinori Sagisaka

  • A hierarchical language model incorporating class-dependent word models for OOV words recognition

    In Sixth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing (ICSLP), vol.13 (p.123 - 128), 2000

    Koichi Tanigaki, Hirofumi Yamamoto, Yoshinori Sagisaka

  • Efficient Training Algorithm for Maximum Entropy Semantic Modeling

    vol.43 (7) (p.2138 - 2146), 2002

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